Hello, Fellow Cornellian.

Now that you have settled down into Ithaca, you may have a few things on your mind like living off-campus, getting a car, and how to cope with school! We have a few things that may be helpful in making these decisions and getting through the semester. 

Off-campus Housing


Dorms are not the most conducive place to live, eat, and study. Many Singaporeans choose to live off-campus for a variety to reasons, and we have listed what to consider and how off-campus housing works

Getting a Car and US Drivers' License


Cornell is on a hill, Ithaca is small, and the public transport network is okay... Some of you may be thinking about alternative transport. Find out what the process is like and what you may need to consider!

Finances: Part Two


Taxes and credit cards- it's part of growing up! 

Home Food


Our talented SSA community can't stay away from Singaporean food. Here are some of their treasured recipes with ingredients you can get in Ithaca! 

Coping with Stress

Here is a guide on what you need to do in order to get your visa to study in the United States!

What to buy Here


Our guide to shopping in Ithaca for what you need!