What to buy Here

Linens and Bedding

  • Towels
  • Bedsheets
  • Pillows (Especially cheap in the States)



  • Table Lamp
  • Standing Lamp if your room has no ceiling lights


Power Strips (Extension Cords)




Files (or Binders as they call it in the States)

  • Some classes use loose leaf packets with three punched holes instead of two. Get three-punch files/binders
  • That being said, buy hole punchers here too (or use the ones in the libraries)





Where to buy

  • Walmart/Target: These huge department stores will sell everything you need
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond: Towels, Linens, and anything you need for the bathroom 
  • Costco: Ithaca does not have one and you do need a membership, but this wholesale shop will sell the cheapest and bulk buys you will see. From fresh meat, to toothpaste, to kitchen appliances, one of many Singaporeans' favourite place to be. There are many on your way up from New York City.
  • Wegmans: One of the favourite grocery stores, buy all of your fresh food here when you arrive in Ithaca. 
  • Ithaca Tofu: One of the best Asian marts in Ithaca. From Lotus Root to frozen dumplings, and all the Lee Kum Kee sauces you can think of, they have most of it ;)
  • Winli: Another Asian mart that is quite popular! 
  • Ithaca Reuse: A second handshop, Ithaca Reuse has a vast selection of cutlery, hangers, mirrors, and furniture. You can find the cheapest steals here.

Duvets Vs Comforters


In Singapore, we use duvet covers and duvet inserts while the more common bedding in America are comforters. Comforters are usually already patterned and is paired with a flat sheet. The idea is to change the flat sheet and occasionally wash the comforter instead of just changing the duvet covers. You can find both in shops like Walmart, Target, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.