There are 3 main periods of class selection you should be concerned about- pre-enroll/add/drop. Refer to this website for key academic calendar dates.


July 8 - 16 2019!!!


This is usually a week for you to “chope” all the classes you want early. Kiasu Singaporeans love it. Do this on student center, do it on time and with good wifi, and prepare for system crashes.


Take Note Of:

  • This enrollment isn’t binding, and you’ll have a chance to change classes afterwards.
  • Pre-enroll dates for FWS are different! Instead of pre-enrolling, you instead submit a ballot for your top choices.


This period starts the day before classes begin, and usually lasts for the first few weeks of school, the “shopping period”. You can add classes or drop existing ones. Go to a few different classes to see the ones you like.


This usually runs until just after Prelim 1. The drop deadline is the deadline to drop a class you don’t like, or a class pulling down your GPA. After the drop deadline, you’re basically stuck with what you have, unless you want a mark of withdrawal on your transcript. The drop deadline is also the deadline to S/U a class.


Stands for satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and is a grading option alternate to letter grades (A/B/C/D). You need the equivalent of a C- or above to get an S (pass). S/U classes will count towards credits for your graduation, but not when counting your GPA.


This allows you to take a class you like but you’re not good at while still retaining your stellar GPA. Some classes cannot/should not be SU-ed, like classes related to your major.

Class is Full? What do do?

Sometimes (every time if you’re a CS major), a class you want may already be full when you try to enroll in it (upperclassmen have already pre-enrolled in classes!). Freshman get last pick for classes. However, classes tend to have a lot of movement during the first week of school, and classes will fill up/open up. Keep a close eye on classes you didn’t manage to get in, and use a course tracker to notify yourself when a class opens up.


If you really need to take a specific class during a specific semester, talk to the professor/TAs and attend the first class. They may be able to work something out.

Take Note of:

Course ID: While enrolling in classes, use the course id (4 / 5 digit number) instead of the class name.