Greek Life

What is Greek Life?

Sororities and fraternities are values-based social organizations, providing members with a community of peers, and personal growth opportunities through leadership development and service projects.  Many of the organizations also offer a small residential living experience.


Currently, one-third of the undergraduate student body belongs to one of the 60 recognized fraternities or sororities that make up the sorority and fraternity community.  


Watch online videos on other students’ recruitment experiences. Go in with an open mind and remember that if it is not for you, you can quit any time you want during the recruitment process

How to Join?

Cornell’s Policy mandates that new students must wait one academic semester before being able to join Greek Life

Note deadlines listed on Cornell’s Greek Life website and the various requirements ie. Mandatory Bystander Training.

Panhellenic  (For females)

  • Rush week (aka recruitment) occurs a week before the semester starts
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Day 1-2: Visiting all 13 houses (aka sororities) + indicate preferences  
  • Day 3-7: Mutual Selection: Number of houses you attend will decrease over the days depending on whether you picked those houses and whether they picked you. Continues until you pick your favorite house

Interfraternity Council (For males)

  • Rush week (aka recruitment) occurs a week before the semester starts
  • Days 1-3: Open house; Free to choose which houses (aka fraternities) you wish to visit
  • Days 4-6: Special events; by invitation only
  • Day 7: Issue of bids (may be multiple); decide within a week whether to accept/reject the bid

Multicultural Greek & Fraternal Council

  • Rush week (aka recruitment) occurs in the first few weeks of Semester
  • There are currently two Asian fraternities and two Asian sororities on campus
  • Series of events over the span of one week
  • Events become invitation-only towards the end of recruitment