Project Teams

What are Project Teams?


Cornell Engineering Project Teams mimic real-world engineering by bringing Cornell students, faculty, and staff together to solve complex problems in team-based settings. Although focused on Engineering, it is open to all students


Many of our teams compete regionally, nationally, and internationally in engineering design and build competitions and/or travel the globe for service learning projects and programs.

How to Join?

  • Can be taken for academic credits
  • Attend individual teams’ Information Sessions & Project Team Fair (Publicised online via FB)
  • Submit Applications - remember to start in advance and not wait till the deadline as many of them require short-answer responses (Some will even have coding challenges for software teams). A new directive made it such that the deadlines for freshmen to submit project team applications are a month before other years, to prevent freshmen from getting too short. There’s still time to think about this after coming here!


If shortlisted, attend a series of interviews

  • First Round: Technical, focusing on the subteam you applied (business, software etc)
  • Second Round: Behavioral questions (e.g. why are you interested/tell me a time you faced a big challenge)
  • Aim: to see whether you're a good fit for the team