Congratulations on being accepted to Cornell University! Unfortunately, the US government doesn’t accept your admission to Cornell University as an automatic legal entry pass through its borders, and you will now have to start applying for a F-1 Student Visa.


Receive your I-20 Form from Cornell

Access this website to retrieve the forms that you will need to submit to Cornell before they can mail your I-20 to you.


Submit these forms as soon as you can in order to not delay the visa application process.


Apply for your Visa at the US Embassy

Refer to the US Embassy in Singapore’s website for comprehensive instructions regarding applications requirements (


  • SEVIS fee: Access this website to pay. You will need to have your I-20 on hand to create an account.
  • Visa Fee: Refer to this website for fee payment options. You will need to pay through SingPost.
  • DS-160: Refer to this document for a tutorial on completing the online form.


Schedule an Appointment with the US Embassy

Refer to this website to schedule an appointment.


Visit the US Embassy

Refer to this website for information on what to bring to the interview.


You will need a passport-sized photo WITHOUT glasses. It is recommended that you take one before arriving because the photo booth in the embassy is expensive.


The US Embassy is a high-security area. Do not bring anything unnecessary, and do not take photos.